Emily Williams

About Emily

Emily is an individual who likes challenges and adventures!  She’s currently venue manager for the Temple of Peace, Cardiff’s Venue With A Heart, but she’s also an arts producer, festival organiser, lecturer and trainer in marketing and communications strategy as well as being passionate about complimentary therapy, identity politics and sustainable humanity.  A recent Cardiff resident, Emily loves humanity and believes everyone is a little bit of a hero, each and every day.

Emily presents a weekly show on Radio Cardiff.  Temple Vibes is an opportunity for individuals to share their stories on the heroisms within their daily lives.  She hopes the interviews inspire and encourage action on global and local issues with a little music to uplift the heart and smooth away the trials and tribulations of the day.

Temple Vibes – VCS Radio Cardiff on Thursdays 9-11am



Emily by Emily

Born in London in the early 60’s of Grenadian and Irish parents, I graduated with a 2:1 Hons in Media Studies and left London for Bristol when I was 24.  I spent 25 years in Bristol and now I’ve been in Cardiff a couple of years. Becoming a single parent in 1992, I specialised in marketing communications  and work has mainly been freelance project work, lecturing and new business development.  I’ve been a business owner and held a handful of Trustee and Board member positions across the justice, BME and community media sectors.  Presently I manage the Temple of Peace for WCIA and am a Trustee at VCS Cymru.

I have two boys, one of whom suffered from terminal illness since he was five years old.  He is now 25 and his younger brother is 22, both are healthy and exploring foreign lands, which make me very happy.  I  have a 17 year relationship with a wonderful man called Steen, a 15 year old dog called Bear and I believe in the power of the mind to heal and in organic products to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. I practice mindfulness meditation, believe in the legalisation of all drugs and politically lie to the left.