About Us

Established in 1964, we work to help people and their communities thrive through heritage, media and supported volunteering.



VCS Cymru is an independent social action charity which has been developing ‘grassroots’ community action in and around Cardiff since 1964.

Throughout our history we have pioneered community initiatives, several of which became part of the fabric of life in Cardiff – including Summer Work Camps for young people, Adventure Playgrounds for children, housing co-operatives, flood aid volunteers, arts associations and community newsletters. In 1968 VCS started the first local Volunteer Bureau to be established in the UK which we ran until 2016. Over the decades we have  changed and adapted to meet the needs of our communities and the times.

Today we operate Radio Cardiff, a community radio station which engages over 120 volunteers and gives a voice to the diverse communities of the city, and we run a portfolio of projects that enable people with disadvantages to engage with their communities, facilitating the positive health and well-being of individuals and the places they call home – through community media, heritage and supported volunteering opportunities.

From typewriters & newsletters to podcasts & social media, we have been at the heart of the thriving communities in Cardiff for generations, working to encourage, enable and inspire individuals and community spirit.


VCS Cymru was established in 1964, and Incorporated in 1995. We are a Registered Charity (No. 1066371), and a company registered in England & Wales (Company number 03055005).

We are members of 3 voluntary sector umbrella bodies – Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA); Glamorgan Voluntary Services (GVS) and the Community Media Association (CMA).