Media Release – VCS Cymru Confirmed as Arts Award Centre

As of 18 April 2017, VCS Cymru has been confirmed as an official Arts Award Centre, adding yet another way in which the unique charity continues to support and provide volunteering opportunities for the local community.

As an Arts Award Centre, VCS Cymru will be able to offer young people new opportunities to learn and develop their artistic skills and creativity while growing as artists and arts leaders.

Arts Award is a unique set of qualifications that support young people in developing as artists and arts leaders. Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England. VCS Cymru is now among a number of organisations bring the programme into Wales.

VCS Cymru will look into developing future projects in all three of its specialty strands (media, heritage, and supported volunteering) in order to support volunteers to earn either their Bronze or Silver level Arts Awards. Stories/Straeon, one of VCS Cymru’s local heritage projects working with Cardiff youth, will be the first of hopefully many projects to award VCS Cymru volunteers with Arts Award qualifications.

VCS Cymru’s Director, Jeremy Rees said:

“VCS Cymru provides the community with volunteering opportunities in many different ways through heritage, media, and supported volunteering projects. With this addition and further emphasis on the arts, VCS Cymru will have another avenue to create opportunities for our volunteers to grow and develop their skills and creativity. We will be able to now even better support our volunteers in becoming a part of an already vibrant and thriving arts scene here in Cardiff.”


For more information or to arrange an interview please contact:
Mike Scott – Development Manager
Phone: 029 2132 2627

Notes to editors

VCS Cymru
Established in 1964, Volunteer Community Services Cardiff (later Cymru) was the first local volunteering service to be established in the UK, outside of London.
For over 50 years VCS Cymru has been enabling the most disadvantaged to engage with their communities, facilitating the positive health and well-being of individuals and the places they call home, through community media, heritage and supported volunteering opportunities.
From 2017 the charity is wholly funded by trusts and foundations, corporate support and individual donations.

Arts Award
Launched in 2005, Arts Award’s unique qualifications support young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. The programme develops creativity, leadership, and communication skills. Arts Award is open to anyone aged up to 25, and embraces all interests and backgrounds. Through Arts Award, young people learn to work independently, helping them to prepare for further education and employment.

Media Release – MMG Awards

Media Release


LAST weekend, the city’s community radio station, Radio Cardiff, won the prestigious MMG regional award for Best Radio Station – Wales and the South West.  

Radio Cardiff, the city’s only community radio station marks ten years of broadcasting later this year, and following a shake-up of the schedule in January the station has gone on to win the ultimate accolade, being named Best Station in Wales and the South West.

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Co-op Community Fund

Today’s been a busy day in the office. Not only have we been celebrating Radio Cardiff being named the Best Radio Station in Wales and the South West, but we’ve also began our six month stint as one of the Co-op’s chosen community charities.

Our work means collaborating with some of the most disatvantaged people in our communities. This is sometimes a hard-sell to funders as we’re often working with the people on the fringes of society. But we belive in giving everybody a chance, so it’s worth it.

In 2017 we went it alone, going back to our roots as a social action charity with a greater focus on people. We handed over the Volunteer Centre to C3SC and refocused our efforts on three core strands of work; heritage, media and supported volunteering. This transition has meant us needing to find new ways of raising funds. We no longer recieve funding directly from government and now wholly rely on grants and donations. Asking for money is never easy, harder still in today’s tough times, but we belive in what we’re doing, and see the effects of our work on a daily basis.

In our 50 year history we’ve been through quite a bit. We’ve gained and lost staff and faced closure sevral times, yet we are still here, and today are stronger than ever.

The Co-op Local Community Fund is one way we are raising funds for the work that we do. Members who’ve signed up can donate 1% of their shop to us without it costing them a shiny new £1! Even a propotion of the 5p spent on carrier bags goes into the pot. It’s really easy to sign up to the scheme, it will cost you a £1 but for that you get 5% back on all co-op branded products (including funerals)!

To become a meber click here.

You’ll need to choose us as your charity, but you can do that later. There are some great charities on there already, so if you wanted to you could spread your generosity acorss them all!

I’m going to be addicted to the website over the next six months, hopefully seeing our total rising, thinking about all the ways we can use that money to help people locally.

If you’d like to get involved in fundraising for VCS Cymru, or have any new ideas for us then get in touch. We’re always looking for new ways of raising funds for our work!

Thanks for reading.

Mike – Development Manager