Sara Steele


"Volunteering has helped me in numerous ways. It has increased my confidence and self esteem. It has shown me that I am far more capable than I give myself credit for and that I have more skills than I realised."

Tomos Archer


"I've gained new skills in working as part of a team, social skills and hands on skills. Volunteering has enabled me to apply for jobs with a greater sense of confidence and purpose."

Mary Newman (MBE)

Chair, VCS Cymru

"Being involved with VCS completely changed the course of my life."

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VCS Cymru is a landmark charity breaking down barriers in communities across Cardiff.

We push boundaries with projects that help encourage, enable and inspire people and their communities. As a registered charity, we warmly welcome donations of any kind, however big or small. Any donation you make will help us bring ideas to life and create more opportunities for learning that in turn enable us to support a brighter future for communities across Cardiff.

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