17th April 2019

As you may been aware VCS Cymru has undergone significant changes in the past couple of years resulting from a re-structure of Welsh Government funding, which saw the Volunteer Centre function transfer to Cardiff Third Sector Council.  VCS continued in a scaled-down form to focus on supported volunteering opportunities for people facing barriers, and then in November 2016 it was invited to take over the licence to run Radio Cardiff as the original company (Radio Cardiff Limited) did not have the funds to keep the station going and it was facing imminent closure.  VCS’s Trustees agreed to absorb Radio Cardiff and utilize the volunteering expertise of the Charity to create supported volunteering opportunities which could attract grant funding, and which in turn would support training; the development of the community radio service, and keep the station on air.

By the end of 2018 most of VCS’s projects had closed and the staff attached to them had to leave their roles. This was due to the charity not being able to find replacement funding as projects came to an end. As a result VCS’s Trustees took the decision to seek a merger with another charity, and for the past few months have been in negotiations with Safer Wales.  

On 1st May 2019 VCS will become part of Safer Wales. This will make attracting new funding much more achievable, and it will benefit from being within a larger, financially stronger charity.

Radio Cardiff will carry on, and the VCS name will continue as the ‘branding’ for Safer Wales’ volunteering services, but the company VCS Cymru Ltd. will no longer exist as a separate entity.  

VCS has been serving the City since 1964, and will continue to do as part of Safer Wales – a Charity which is at the cutting edge of community development and whose aims and principles are shared by VCS.

Thank you for your support of VCS over the years, we hope that will continue as we begin this new chapter.

Jeremy Rees  (Outgoing) Company Secretary – VCS Cymru Ltd..